producer showcase


During this time we would like to highlight just how special,
important and loved producers are by creating
a few pieces of content ie: PodCasts, Video Interviews etc
If you are a producer in the creative industries
& would like to be considered, send us a video.

Easy instructions for a quick 5 questions in 5 minutes below.
Feel free to use these questions as a guide and/or chat about something you'd like.

Turn your phone vertical, get creative with your look, vibe, location.
Medium framing, not too close, waist up with space above your head.
We love animals, babies, family, so feel free to include them.
Press record, take a deep breath and smile for 5 seconds.
Introduce yourself - name, type of producer (agency, post etc), freelance or full-time?
<<pause 5 secs>>
How are you doing for real? How has your journey been through major shut down up until now?
<<pause 5 secs>>
Have you produced any remote productions? Or what are two skills essential to producing? 
<<pause 5 secs>>
What have you learned during the last many months? Anything poignant to share?
<<pause 5 secs>>
What do you hope for the future of production?
<<pause 5 secs>>
How have you been supporting the BLM movement?
<<pause 5 secs>>
End recording.
When you are done, just upload to this link HERE. Mention your instagram handle.
We will do any editing necessary, add the questions after you submit, post it, and tag you.